Friday, May 2, 2014

Boboli and Bardini Gardens, Florence

Florence, Italy is an amazing city in the Tuscany region offering numerous attractions, schools, and entertainment for visitors whether they spend a week or a month, or even longer here. Whether time is short or you will spend months in Florence the historic Boboli and Bardini Gardens are well worth a visit. You can explore both gardens in an afternoon as it only takes three hours to take both of them in. If you wish to explore the Fort and Pitti Palace, you will need a few more hours.

Why Visit the Boboli and Bardini Gardens?
History is one of the reasons to visit the gardens as are the new renovations, which occurred. In order to bring the vibrancy back to the Boboli and Bardini Gardens restoration occurred to restore the grass, sculptures and other aspects that bring thousands of visitors to both gardens each year. Tickets are required to see the gardens, and reservations can be made in advance.

Boboli Garden is the first garden most individuals head towards when going to the Pitti Palace. From the courtyard of the palace one can walk along the promenades into the Boboli Garden, which runs from the Ammannati Courtyard to the Forte Belvedere hill. The garden green space is 45 metres squared. It was built and landscaped in the 16th century. Visitors will discover several statues by famous artists, grotto water features, vibrant vegetation, and ornate, sculpted fountains like the Ocean Fountain. The grottos are internally and externally decorated by nature. Stalactites hang from the grottos offering a wonderful picture for those who enjoy amateur photography.
From Boboli at the Belvedere Fort is the Bardini Gardens. Visitors enter by skirting the ramparts of the fort. It is a fort that once belonged to the Mozzi family in the 1200’s, but it was purchased by Stefano Bardini. Bardini was a notable antiquarian of Florentine. He created the Bardini Gardens as a showplace that was open air rather than placing his magnificent pieces indoors. Antique sculptures, architectural pieces, and fountains are all found in the Bardini Gardens.
Many of the plantings in the garden are those Bardini planned for this garden. The terraces and paths are all restored, but planned by Bardini, too.

Sightseeing in Florence
Amazing sights await the traveller to Florence like visiting the Argenti Museum, Costume Gallery, and Porcelain Museum in which tickets to both the Boboli and Bardini Gardens can help you enter.

Choosing a proper location for short term rentals in Florence will mean you are able to see the gardens and museums with ease. You might even have an apartment with a view of these magnificent places of Florence or be within walking distance depending on your rental.

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