Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Help Moving to Tuscany

Living in Tuscany is a big decision, which requires you to find real estate that you can comfortably afford for the period you wish to remain in Tuscany. Perhaps you are moving for a year due to a work or student exchange program? You may decide to stay permanently, in which case you may need to consider which area is best to buy one of the many villas in Tuscany that are available to you. Besides real estate there are going to be important things you will need to consider including how to make the move.

Moving Takes Preparation
Before you can move to a new country, you will need a visa. If you are moving from the US or Canada you can be in Italy for 90 days if there on business or holiday. However, if you are staying longer than this 90 day time frame you will need to obtain a proper visa based on your reason for the move. Work visas and student visas are the most common. Your local embassy can help you fill out the paperwork. For those moving due to work, your new employer or the employer sending you to Tuscany will need to help you apply for the visa.

Of course, if you are moving to Tuscany from the United Kingdom or any other European Union nation you will not require a visa; however, if remaining in the country long-term, you will have to adhere to certain residency laws and registration requirements.
For those who decide to move their belongings such as furniture and household items it is best to check with the embassy for what goods can be imported and if there are any taxes such as import duty taxes that might apply to the goods you wish to bring. It is best to compare moving companies and shipping rates to determine the most affordable option for moving your home.

Rent, Utilities and Rubbish Collection
If you are going to rent a villa or apartment, it is best to do so through a property management or real estate company. Landlords can ask for one to three months’ rent as a deposit. For more information about deposits see here. Long-term rentals typically require the tenant to pay utilities separately from the rent which will include water, electricity and gas and internet. There are some properties that offer all inclusive rent payments, meaning utilities are paid through the rent.

When you live in Tuscany permanently you will need to be put on the rubbish collection tax list by submitting your application. For additional details on getting help moving to Tuscany or what to do with regards to phones, bank accounts, and vehicles see the previously mentioned link. Moving to Tuscany requires numerous decisions and plenty of careful planning!


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