Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Italian Cooking Schools

Take home more than a degree as a foreign student in Florence. Enjoy taking a smattering of Italian cooking lessons at some of the local Italian Culinary Arts schools or just pick-up a class here and there to learn Italian cuisine. For foreign students looking to make it in the culinary arts, you have plenty of opportunities to choose from. As you consider cooking schools think about Florence long term rentals for students and make certain your school is close enough to your apartment. There are plenty of rental locations for foreign students that ensure you are conveniently located in this amazing Tuscan region.

Friday, July 18, 2014

What Children Need to Enrol in a New School

Moving to Tuscany with children is a huge decision. In fact, moving to a new country is always going to be something you must consider when you have children. You want to make certain your children will have the education that is best for them and that they will fit in.
Depending on the age of your child you may find it more difficult to enrol your child into a new school. It is not a matter of choosing among the villas in Tuscany close to the school you like, but a matter of availability as you will be a non-resident.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

 Gluten free Tuscany

 Living in Italy with Celiac disease is definitely a challenge
 The land of Pizza and Pasta  but gluten free! Strangely enough Italy is one of the most avant-garde countries in the world in this field. The National Health System that provides Celiac residents, that have  documented certification  of the diseases, with meal tickets to help cover part of the expense of buying special food products. Many luncheons in schools and larger  work places  cater to  the special dietary needs of their Celiac diners.  More and more bars, pizzeria and restaurants are posting signs “MENU SENZA GLUTINE” or gluten free menu.
There are several food  brands available in supermarkets , my favorite is DS with a good frozen pizza, frozen tortellini, cannelloni and lasagna. Several brands of beer are also available from the Spanish Daura to various German brands. Pasta is available in abundant shapes and sizes with famous spaghetti brands such as Barilla, Risogallo, Gragnano and Le Veneziane…. 
The Italian Celiac association provides its members with a booklet listing SAFE products.

 My Favorite Celiac friendly Eateries  in Florence are:

OK Bar on Via dei Servi and corner of Via degli Alfani , where Cristina the owner has adapted many of her recipes and always is able to accommodate her  Celiac clientele.
Pizzaman (only their restaurant on Via del Sansovino has celiac foodhttp://www.celiachia.it/home/Homepage.apx however)  Monday nights they have  a special Celica dinner  and everyday Pizza.
CIRO & sons - in Via del Giglio  for a more elegant setting.

Wash and Dry Shops in Florence

Not all students are used to doing their own laundry when on their own. Whether travelling to a foreign country or just out of town to a university, finding a place to do your laundry can be important. Students heading to Florence may be in need of what is referred to as "wash and dry shops". These Laundromat like facilities offer you a way to get your clothing clean, especially if your long term rental does not have a washer and dryer. Long term rentals for Florence students do not always come with the means to wash clothing, so consider some of the nearby Wash and Dry shops around Florence.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tasting Lampredotto in Florence

Whilst enjoying your short term rentals in Florence and the views, the kitchen, and the space you may also wish to sample the cuisine of this enchanting city and region. Tuscany is well known for its amazing cuisine whether it is pasta with Chianti for your beverage or less formal dishes like the peasant dish Lampredotto. This is an historical dish of Florence having been developed in the 15th century for workmen or poor individuals. It became highly popular in the 18th century until it became a staple of Florentine cuisine.