Monday, May 12, 2014

Get a New Job in Tuscany

Tuscany is a vast and wonderful part of Italy offering plenty of choices for visitors to enjoy. For many who visit intending on staying a short while, they end up moving to Tuscany making their life and home in this beautiful, verdant region. The allure of the wine, cuisine, and culture of Tuscany might be calling you, but you may need to get a job in Tuscany in order to finance your move; as well as to stay for a long duration. Consider also the apartments in Tuscany available to you, which will make it easier for you to live and work.

Perhaps the most common places to look for work are in Florence and Siena. Both are very populated, with plenty of jobs such as wedding planner, English teacher, and working as an au pair. You can even freelance from home with an Internet site, as a writer or medical transcriptionist. For anyone who wishes to get a new job in Tuscany, there are some matters to take care of first.

Landing Work in Tuscany

Italy, like much of Europe, requires you to either be from a country that is part of the European Union or to have a job in place before you travel and live in the country. If you are going to work in Tuscany, you need to have value that is perhaps difficult to find in local workers.

This value is what will secure a work visa. There are some exceptions such as obtaining a student visa and then transferring it to a work visa for an internship or apprenticeship while remaining in Italy. It is best to consult the Italian consulate/embassy website to determine if you can qualify to obtain a visa.
Certain positions are easier to obtain a visa for including working as an English teacher. Librarian positions are also common in Tuscany for those who wish to move to Italy as many of the libraries require special knowledge of period texts, how to maintain books, and research related positions.

Travelling Visas
There are travelling visas you can apply for if you intend on being in the country for a fairly long period of time, such as anything over six months. If you are in Italy on a travel visa you may be able to freelance to support your travels working as a writer such as a travel blogger and be paid online in your home country funds.

Before you set out travelling it is important to make certain you have a proper visa for your intention in visiting Tuscany and other parts of Italy. Your place of employment can help you obtain the visa you need.

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