Wednesday, April 23, 2014

American Universities in Florence

Adding culture to your background ensures you have something to talk about later in life, but more importantly than that, it offers a better CV. It is exciting to be in a foreign city where you can enjoy the clubs, the various historical sites, and get your degree, but you also want to know the university you have chosen will be internationally recognized. American Universities in Florence offer you a degree that can translate back to your home country. Before you apply to any university on the list or those you research on your own, consider longterm rentals for Florence students. You should have a rental that is affordable, yet near your university to make it easy to study and attend classes.

California State
Calstate as local Californians refer to it, offers CSU Study Centre in Florence. There is a local resident director and full time staff in place to help you gain knowledge while in Italy. Immerse yourself in the culture, language, and history of Florence by taking courses in architecture, history, art history, classics, language studies, social sciences, and studio art. Currently 100 CSU students attend courses through this centre.

Studio Art Centers International
Studio Art Centers International or SACI offers MFA degrees in studio art or photography. This Florence based university is US accredited as an art institute specialising in studio art, photography, and art history. Students are welcome to take five classes each semester for a total of 15 credits to work towards their masters in fine arts.

Lorenzo de Medici
Lorenzo de Medici offers a Florence campus for students wishing to spend time in the Tuscany region. This university with American based accreditation provides numerous studies including humanities, Italian language and culture, design, and creative arts. The Master of Arts degree is provided along with bachelors and undergraduate certifications.

Syracuse University
Syracuse University offers an abroad program in Florence, Italy with architecture, design, and art courses provided on their campus. Field trips are a part of the Italy experience, as are over 50 internships to choose from.

Middlebury College
Cultural immersion is offered through Middlebury College Florence campus. The Sede at Palazzo Giugni provides academic studies while in the middle of the old city in which one can immerse in culture during studies on history, architecture, art, design, and other equally rewarding academic pursuits.

Gonzaga University
In 1963, the Gonzaga University established a program in Florence for students hoping to immerse themselves in a different culture and learn history. Students are able to learn about Italian and European life at the Florence campus location while studying modern architecture, historic architecture, art, museum pieces, and much more.

Students should choose a university that meets their degree requirements and understand this is just a short list of American universities available with accredited degree programs.

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