Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Best Markets in Florence

Shopping in Florence is every bit of the adventure travelling to this Tuscany region of Italy is. For those booking short term Florence rentals it is important to know what markets are available to you and which ones are the best to shop at. There are three markets that will interest you during your stay in Florence: Sant'Ambrogio, Santo Spirito and Cascine.

Mercato di Sant' Ambrogio
This market is considered Florence's second market after Mercato Centrale, which is more famous. Although there is a more famous market the Mercato di Sant'Ambrogio is where the local bargains are going to be found. This Mercato Alimentare provides fresh foods and goods daily between 7am to 2pm, except on Sundays. Saturday mornings are of note in the event you prefer not to shop amid huge crowds or if this is what thrills you. Saturday and often Fridays are the busiest days when most people come for the fresh produce and other goods. You can discover olives, bread, cheeses, cold cuts, eggs, honey, soaps and much more. There are even clothing, shoe, and household item stalls.

Mercato di Santo Spirito
Another wonderful market, this one is much harder to find on a daily basis. In fact it is available only two times a month. Every third Sunday organic foods are provided to visitors of this market. On the second Sunday of every month this market is much different as it is offering you antique items instead of food. It runs from 9am to 7pm on Sunday.

Mercato delle Cascine
The Cascine market is considered the largest bargain market in the city of Florence, with the biggest and cheapest items possible. Biggest because anything from clothing to food and organic produce is offered here Tuesday mornings 7am to 1pm. As an only Tuesday market, you will find it is fairly busy each week. The best bargains will be in the early morning hours before everyone else arrives. It is held in Cascine Park, which is on the northern bank of Arno River. Whether you wish to shop at the market or just enjoy one of nature's beautiful parks, Cascine Park is available for a visit.

These are the best three markets in Florence, but there are also other less notable markets such as Loggiati di via de' Pellicciai or the Flower Market and the Mercato Centrale which tends to grab all tourists' attention nowadays. As you enjoy your short term rental with its fully equipped kitchen you can also enjoy visiting the various markets to find good deals on traditional Tuscan foods.

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