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Fashion Schools in Florence

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Florence and fashion are certainly two topics that go well together. Florence is known for its fashion designers, although admittedly, it is not as renowned as Milan. Coming here to study fashion students are going to need a place to live that is convenient to their school. The list of fashion schools in Florence shared here should help you find Florence rentals for foreign students that are convenient to your top choices of fashion locales. Consider the history of the school, what its principle purposes are, and whether it can help advance your career in fashion to be a world renowned designer. 
The IED School of Fashion in Florence
IED, as it is known by the locals, started in 1951 offering three year courses for fashion minded students. At this complete school of study it is possible to learn Italian design history, theory, and become a top designer at local firms when you are done. IED Moda Lab has the responsibility of teaching how to express your creativity in fashion. They embrace the whole world of fashion and individual parts to ensure you are able to interact in the fashion world on a professional level. Coming here you learn how to create the professional profile you need to be in the industry. 
Polimoda Fashion School
This fashion school and Institute of Design and Marketing offers a well-rounded education to those studying fashion to make it, sell it, or market it. With high quality courses for designing, marketing and merchandising, students come away with a degree and CV that shows they have been fully and properly trained for this hard core industry of study.

Accademia Italiana Fashion School
This fashion and design school has two locations: Florence and Rome. With an international acclaim, Accademia Italiana is known for turning out great designers in Italian fashion. Although its history only started in 1984, numerous talents have been recognised for their abilities to teach more than just art or design. Product design, textile design and graphic design are a part of the topics taught here. With international recognition even by the Italian Minister of Education, students know they are accepted at a prestigious university for design when they enrol here. 
International Fashion Design at FITNYC
Fashion Institute of Technology NYC is a Florence based university for fashion design, applied science, and much more. Students coming here are eligible to earn a degree in fashion to work in a variety of fashion related positions from designing new clothing lines to working in the textile industry.

The list is far from complete when it comes to fashion schools in Florence, but it does offer you an idea of the top named schools in the Tuscany region to consider for your education.

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