Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Annual Festivals of Florence to Enjoy with your Short Term Rentals

If you are one of the lucky ones that have more than a week to devote to touring Florence, then you may be in time for one of the annual festivals held in this great Italian city. Most of the festivals have religious connotations; however, there are also music and dance festivals you might enjoy while staying at one of the many apartments in Florence. With your apartment you have the convenience of space, privacy, and full kitchen facilities. While festivals might offer a plethora of Florentine cuisine, your apartment offers you the chance to prepare a fresh authentic dish.

Religious Florentine Festivals

Starting in January you have the Epiphany festival commemorating the Three Kings’ arrival in Bethlehem. It is also a festival that celebrates La Befana or the tradition of gift giving. Celebrated on January 6th this festival with a parade is held downtown. February begins Carnevale with a grand parade, which begins in the Piazza Ognissanti.

In March there's the Florentine New Year. Then, in March or April, depending on the Easter, there is the Rievocazione Storica del Venerdi Santo. This festival is the Passion of Christ play, which is traditionally conducted on Good Friday.

The festival “Scoppio del Carro” is a 400-year-old tradition in which a cart of fireworks is pulled into the square found between the Cathedral and Baptistry. The dove shaped rocket symbolizes the Holy Spirit.

Another festival, hosted in June, is the Patron Saint Feast Day. This is held in St. John the Baptist’s honour with a historical football match played in Piazza Santa Croce which is preceded by a parade.

Music and Dance Festivals

April is one of the only months to have a non-religious festival. In fact, this festival, Maggio Musicale Fiorentino starts in late April and lasts through until June. It is a musical festival with international attendees and acclaim. Classical, opera, and more modern choices are hosted during this three month period. June is also the month for Florence Dance Festival. This festival ends in July providing plenty of opportunities to see the show at the Teatro Romano in Fiesole and shows that are part of the Estate Fiesolana.

With festivals held each month in Florence and the surrounding areas you will have plenty to do when you choose one of the short term rentals in Florence. Perhaps you will partake of La Festa Della Rificolona or Festival of the Paper Lanterns that is held on the eve of a feast. The city is filled with numerous people walking through the city with lanterns which you might see from your apartments in Florence. Choosing a convenient city centre location ensures you can enjoy any of the yearly festivals you are on hand for.

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