Friday, May 5, 2017

Italian Fashion: Shopping Tours Around Florence

When not hunting for Florence real estate, or when you have secured your ideal home and need to find that perfect new outfit for your house warming party, take advantage of the shopping opportunities available to local residents and visitors. Whether you are partial to Prada, brand-loyal to Burberry or flaunt your fashion based on the deal of the day, a visit to one of Florence’s nearby outlet malls is a smart way to spend both time and money.
Shopping tours around Florence are convenient because they provide an easy means of transporting you from the city center to the outlying fashion malls for a pre-determined amount of shopping time. The set schedule can make it easy when planning your own calendar or accommodating the schedules of friends and family who are coming to visit you in your new home. Below are some of the most popular choices for outlet shopping near Florence.

If you hear people talking about “The Mall” they are likely referring to the large shopping center in lovely Leccio, a popular choice for day tours. This outlet facility involves a ride 40 kilometers beyond Florence. The short journey itself is worthwhile because it is not always easy to appreciate the hills and terrain when surrounded by the imposing architecture of the city center.

In Barberino del Mugello, just north of the city, there is another outlet mall accessible seven days a week, including many government holidays. The mall’s shops specialize in both Italian and global brands. The Barberino outlet mall also features more than shopping, with restaurants for refueling and an office that will assist guests from abroad with maximizing their tax refunds.

Montevarchi’s Prada Outlet is the place to go if you prefer the stunningly successful Milanese designer. It sells clothing but also shoes, eyewear and cosmetics bearing the Prada label. Like the Barberino outlet mall, the Prada outlet is also open every day. It may seem strange to have this pointed out if you are from a culture where it is common to shop on weekends, but in Italy many stores close on Sundays.

It is no coincidence that high-end designer fashion labels often feature Italian names. And if you are calling Florence home for any length of time, it seems only right that you should cloak yourself in some of the country’s fabled fashion finds. Boutique shops are easily visited in the city center, but in order to really maximize your access to a wider variety of designer brands, consider a shopping “tour” at the outlet malls just outside of town. Remember that the shops sell more than just apparel; long term Florence apartments might want to be dressed to the nines too.

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