Friday, March 3, 2017

Giardino Torrigiani: The biggest private garden in Europe

For most people, the choice to live in an urban center instead of the suburbs or a rural setting involves a preference for a city’s architecture, efficient infrastructure and available opportunities for work and entertainment. Some cities are better than others at offering parks and green spaces for those who must live without their own plot of land to enjoy nature, and Florence is one such city. In particular, access to the Giardino Torrigiani, Europe’s largest private garden, can make even the most humble of residents feel like royalty.
The Torrigiani Garden is comprised of almost 17 acres of lush green space within the city limits of Florence. It began as a botanical garden in the 1500’s, and grew in size and accessibility when Marquis Pietro Torrigiani acquired additional land three centuries later. A series of architects later transformed the garden’s design to what can be seen and enjoyed today, a blending of the natural landscape and poetic enhancements such as a bridge over the river bed, romantic statues, and covered spaces including an aviary and gymnasium.

Not only does the Torrigiani Garden contain plant varieties that thrive especially in this part of Italy, but one can find species of flowers and trees originating from all over the world in its specialized greenhouses. The plants exhibit a wide chronological range, too, from ancient cedars to more modern breeds. For those interested in learning the art of gardening or painting botanical beauties, courses are held throughout the year on the Giardino Torrigiani property.

The property is managed by the Torrigiani Malaspina and Torrigiani Santa Cristina families, who are committed to ensuring that the garden is preserved and accessible to visitors. Not all homes for sale in Tuscany can match the grandeur of the Torrigiani Garden, so new Florentine residents should especially appreciate a visit to the lush grounds.

If botany is not your interest, the garden can still be worth your time. Perhaps you enjoy photography: marble statues of mythical and real figures can be found throughout the grounds, and they appear different with the light and surrounding foliage that changes with the seasons. It is also a great place for simply getting some exercise and fresh air in a tranquil setting, away from the noise and pollution of the city center.

With its concentrated city center and surrounding green space, Florence real estate ranges from tiny flats to palatial villas. If your budget rules out a royal palace, you can still easily access regal grounds by visiting the Giardino Torrigiani. The gardens are open year round, with later hours during the summer months when bright and warm days encourage guests to linger longer.

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