Friday, December 23, 2016

Discover the New “Teatro dell’Opera” in Florence

Italy is the undisputed birthplace of opera, but many people do not realize that the art form has its oldest roots in the city of Florence.

If you are considering putting down your own roots in the city by shopping for homes for sale in Florence, you can discover the beauty of classical and contemporary Italian music all year round. The city is always reinventing itself while honoring its rich historical heritage in the arts.

In 2014, a new opera house named the Teatro dell’Opera di Firenze completely replaced the aging Teatro Comunale. Inaugurated three years earlier, in 2011, the new teatro is situated not within the historical center of Florence but along its border with the green space that surrounds the city, and specifically the Parco dell Cascine. The location allowed the planners to create not just an opera house but an arts complex that includes open squares, terraces and interior spaces that can be enjoyed in any season.

According to the Opera di Firenze architects, the designers strive “to overcome the false dialectic between antique and new”. The dimensions of the main stage are not fixed but flexible to be able to go well beyond the depths of other theater spaces while still complying with international standards. Optimal acoustics are ensured by the hall’s horseshoe shape. An inclined floor ascends within a stereo-metric space that accommodates 1,800 seats. From the outside, the tower’s wall can be used as a projection space for public events.

A primary reason why many visitors consider long term Florence rentals is the impossibility of savoring all that the city has to offer in a quick visit. Weekend tourists might only get to experience the Duomo, the Academmia, the Ponte Vecchia. A stroll along the Arno leaves a lasting impression and a subtle invitation to return for more. If your first time in Florence is one of visual impression, your next (longer) one should include the sense of beautiful sounds, including a taste of real opera music.

One of the best things about staying for a longer period of time in Florence, whether or not you intend to invest in Florence real estate, is experiencing the various festivals and events that happen throughout the year. Around May, the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino annual art festival fills the streets with not only visual art, but musical art. The opera festival that is part of the general music festival typically includes several operas performed from late April to early June.

In 2017, the 80th anniversary of the festival’s inauguration, the schedule includes two famous operas, Mozart’s Idomeneo and Verdi’s Don Carlo, and a string of classical music concerts by world-class orchestras and directors.

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