Monday, October 26, 2015

Florence Creativity: Made by Hand in Italy

Each year, Florence hosts a fair devoted to hand made crafts including knitting, jewelry and haberdashery. The marketplaces one-of-a-kind artistic works may be worthy of a Florentine museum, but it is open to the public. Whether you are window-shopping, people-watching or in the market for exquisite handicrafts to serve as souvenirs of your Florentine adventures, the Florence Creativity Fair represents an ideal opportunity to shop for gift items. 

Practical Information

In 2015, the event will take place from October 29 to November 1 at the Fortezza de Basso in Florence. The hours are 9:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., with general admission tickets priced at 10 euros. A 5 euros discount is available for disabled visitors and those over the age of 70. Children under the age of 10 receive free admission. The events website has further information about group discounts, as well has recommendations for restaurants and hotels near the Fortezza da Basso. Of course, there is no need for pricey restaurants and hotels when you are enjoying the comforts of home in long term rentals in Florence.

Fatto a Mano: Made by Hand

Some of the creations on display at Florence Creativity will seem familiar, because they are traditional symbols of the city: painting, fine fabrics and paper goods. Other categories of hand made art represented at the fair are cake design, decoupage, macrame, quilting and stenciling. However, a selection of hand made works of art will be completely original and unfamiliar. Some examples of these treasures include beadwork, creative sewing and embroidery.

Whether you are a traditionalist of a modernist, the timing of the fair is just right for a little bit of early holiday shopping. Crowded shopping malls will lose what little appeal they have in the first place when you know that the tokens of appreciation you will exchange with family and friends this holiday season are hand made works of art from one of the worlds most famed cities for art and culture: the incomparable Florence.

The Bohemian Marketplace

This years theme for the Florence Creativity Fair is Bohemian Marketplace. In the spirit of hand made goods, why not participate in one of the demonstrations or classes offered at the fair? That way, not only will you leave with a hand made work of art, but it will have been made with your very own hands! If you have ever wanted to knit your own scarf with the finest Italian wool threads, bind your own book with paper made at an Italian mill, or string together a necklace of colorful glass beads, Florence Creativity is the place to spark your imagination.

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