Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Florentine Libraries that Stay Open until the Night

Class times vary for all students including foreign students, which is why it is important to find libraries that remain open well into the evening. Florence offers a range of libraries throughout the city. Choosing a library based on time is one aspect that will be important; however, consider how close it might be to Florence students’ long term rentals that you can choose to stay in during your university studies in this iconic Italian city.

Many of the libraries on the list are open into the night such as closing around 19:00 hours or 7pm. There are also some of the same libraries that will close very early on Saturdays, most likely because students would prefer to be partying or enjoying the wonders of Florence and the Tuscany countryside rather than studying. The following is a small list of the libraries in Florence that tend to stay open at night.

Libraries to Consider for University Studies
The Biblioteca Nazionale or National Library is important for a number of reasons. Firstly, it offers students a place to study, learn about art, architecture, and Italy as a whole. Secondly, this library is its own amazing heritage site located on the Piazza Cavelleggeri. It does remain open into the night during the week.
Biblioteca Marucelliana on Via Cavour is another library open for university students into the later evening hours.
Biblioteca Gabinetto GP Vieusseux in Piazza Strozzi, Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana, and Biblioteca Riccardiana are three other libraries in Florence you may wish to visit for the books, research materials, and the brilliant architecture they offer. Over a dozen libraries welcome foreign students studying in Florence to take a look at their circulation material. Be aware that not all libraries will offer English translations to the books, so you may need to request help for your studies depending on your level of Italian.
The Biblioteca Villa Arrivabene is conveniently located at Campo di Marte or you have Centro Audiovisivi in the area of Novoli, which are quite handily located for university students exploring the city.
Sala Lettura Lorenzo is a library next to the National Library. It offers a different option in circulation, which might be of interest to students studying in this beautiful city.

Contact the Library Online too

While the libraries might not be open for long hours they are every bit as advanced as libraries you are used to with electronic information and books. You might be able to log in with your university library card or National Library card to access important works even during the closed hours of the library's physical facility.  

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