Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Senior Citizens Relocation: Retiring to Tuscany

Tuscany offers a warm climate along the Mediterranean Coast, with some rain and cooler temperatures further to the north. Tuscany is a large region with the Apennines to the north, the River Arno running through many of its cities, and the sea for beaches. As one of the most famous wine countries, the Tuscan region constantly draws millions of visitors each year, some coming to Florence, while others work their way through other places in the Chianti wine region. With art, music, literature and cuisine to enjoy and explore, retiring in Tuscany might be your desire. You have worked hard all your life and now the time to enjoy a warm climate, mild winters, and beautiful landscapes is here. For senior citizen relocation, you have a lot to think about.

Leaving your Family Behind to Retire in Tuscany
Leaving your home country might mean leaving your family behind. As you are retired you won’t have to worry about finding work or affording the move so much as you have to worry about moving away from your children and grandchildren. It takes a long decision with plenty of thought to how you are going to relocate and where you will live.
Entering Italy with a Proper Visa
It is possible to obtain a visa to live in Tuscany if you are not in Italy for work or as a student. Generally you need to become an expat of your home country and file for residency in Tuscany. One way to make this easier is to have realestate in Tuscany such as a villa, apartment, or home. If you can show that you intend on making Tuscany your permanent home or at least your home for six months out of the year you can enter Italy on your passport. For specifics regarding visas you will need to speak with your local embassy.
Setting up Your Home
Anyone who permanently moves to Tuscany will need to apply for the rubbish collection tax list, which enables you to put your household waste out. You will also have to set up utilities unless you decide to rent for the first few months, in which case you may be able to pay utilities when you pay your rent.
Setting up a bank account is possible as a non-resident; however, it is better to wait until you are recognised as a resident as it is less expensive to open a bank account at that time.
For mobile phones you may consider using Skype for international phone calls and purchase a mobile phone plan once you arrive in Italy for your local calls.

Senior citizens relocating to Tuscany can enjoy life eating, drinking, and seeing the very best that this region has to offer as long as you prepare appropriately. 

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